I can't claim tokens

Most probably you didn't do enough research on the project, and the team run off with your money.

So yeah they most Probably block you from getting your tokens. Point No6.

Other possible causes are mentioned below.

  1. Your transaction to contribute never went through.

  2. You are connected with the wrong account.

  3. You have already claimed your tokens.

  4. You sent to the token address instead of the presale address.

  5. You probably don't have enough gas fees(BNB) in your wallet.

  6. The Owner has a fraudulent token and has disabled the transfer feature of his token

  7. ensure with token owner that they have used the right router address in their code.

  8. ask them to disable liquidity fees so that users can transfer tokens

  9. make sure presale address has enough tokens that you are trying to claim

We cant do anything at this Point, if you don't understand why, you may read here:

Yeah actually most people basically dont understand what we are.

We are a decentralized launchpad. We dont check any People who launch a Presale, we got no System where they have to apply or ask us for permissions currently.

To prevent honeypot, We are developing Anti-HoneyPot mechanism. But It can take sometime in Q4-2021.

It's a borderless System, which has a lot of benefits to people who actually want to launch Projects...

But yeah all these benefits can also be used for bad intentions...

This is why it's super Important that you, as a user, #dyor and inform yourself.

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