Can't Finalize the Presale

Finalize can be called within 48hours when your presale is within 1 minimum contribution amount of the hardcap or when timer runs out.

Your BNBs then gets send to the connected DEX for creating the Pool for your Liquidity, the rest % of the BNBs gets send to the Presale Initator wallet. So - 75% Pancake --> 25% BNBs to your wallet.

If you are having issues with finalizing go through this checklist if you did everything:

  1. I excluded the two addresses given in the Presale panel from the fees of my contract.

  2. I did set all fees to 0

  3. If I got a Safemoon function clone, i did set the function "SwapAndLiquify" to "false"

  4. I did set the MaxTransactionAmmount to 100% of my supply.

  5. I don't have any Transaction limitations on my contract enabled

  6. I got the right router address in my source

  7. Now you should be able to finalize and can set your fees and function as wished.

If you still got struggle, check out our official Channels and we may be able to direct you to your issues.

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