DexPad Fees

The fees of our Platform are different on every Chain, so it's hard to generalise them.

Just visit our website and select the Product you want to use and you'll see the price.

2% Fee for Rebalancing?

With the v2.9+ Update we were forced to ask our customers to deposit more tokens than required.

The UniV2 Provider/Fork has a bug which stops all tokens from adding liquidity with the given price, this is why we have to take for now the 2% additional fee in Tokens...

We don't have any access to these Tokens, and the amount we don't need is burnt.

2% Platform Fees in Tokens?

Additional to the value of the native chain token we charge 2% of the tokens you sold on our platform.

These 2% are used for our revenue model, the BuyBackAndBurn, if you want to know more about it you can read it up here :)

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