DexPad.IO is a truly decentralised and blockchain agnostic IDO Platform. Anyone can launch their token without having any programming knowledge.

DexPad allows anyone to mint their token and raise a capital through presales.

As launchpad allows custom tokens, as a user you must do due deligence regarding the token and the team behind it. We restrict the honeypot contracts through our Anti-Honeypot Mechanism, we still suggest investors to check team's social media accounts and their history on different anti-rug websites. Please checkout Terms and Conditions #DYOR

Real Admins

Real Admins never ask for the fund, We never ever write you a DM and ask you for any REVALIDATION process THIS DOESN'T EXIST, We never ask you to login on any other website, We don't give financial advice ...

Always make sure you communicate with us.

  • Bruce - @DexBruce

  • Clark - @DexClark

Road Map

  • Q3-2021

    • DexPad website launch. DONE

    • Community Launch on Telegram and Announcement Channel. DONE

    • Social Media Accounts on Twitter, Medium, Redit and Discord. DONE

    • Token Factory, Market Place, Locker and Airdropper Launch on Cronos, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain testnets. DONE

    • Documentation and Guide. DONE

    • White Paper with Tokenomic DONE

Todo List

  • Q4-2021

    • Infrastructure Upgrade

    • Launching all current product on EVM compatible main-nets such as Cronos, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Fantom and many more.

    • Launch of Native Token for DexPad

    • Anti-Honeypot Mechanism.

    • Stake and Earn Program to share revenue with our token holders.

    • Buyback and Burn Implementation

    • CMC & CoinGecko Listing.

  • Q1-2022

    • Security Audit of Presale Tokens.

    • Decentralised Exchange on upcoming main-nets.

    • A possible Charity based NFT Market Place

    • Bridge for the Native token between CRO, ETH, BSC, Polygon.

    • Yeild Farming

    • Education Program for New comers in crypto.

    Further more roadmap is being prepared and will be updated here.

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