Your Liquidity after Finalize.

Our System adds your liquidity to the given Dexes when you press the Button FINALIZE at the end of a successful PRESALE.


  • CRONOS = PhotonSwap

  • BSC = PancakeSwap V2

  • ETH = Uniswap V2

  • xDai = SushiSwap

  • Matic = QuickSwap

  • KCC = KoffeeSwap

  • AVAX = Pangolin

  • Fantom = SpookySwap

  • Harmony = SushiSwap


  • Ropsten = UniSwapV2

  • BSCTestnet = PancakeV1

**We got no way to Block or Unlock locked Liquidity on our Platform, our Lockers are not in our Control.

If you lock for example 70% of your liquidity you will get the remaining amount of BNB/ETH/... 30% to the wallet of the initator of the presale.**

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